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With 91% of Canadians wanting to implement a universal  pharmacare program, this is bound to be an upcoming election issue.  The Liberal government has initiated consultations with the creation of the The National Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, chaired by former Ontario health minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins. The report is due to come out in Spring 2019.  The advisory council is now hearing from Canadians across the country.  A key theme is pharmacare options must address the current gaps in coverage by providing insurance options for the uninsured, and addressing under-insurance gaps that may cause financial hardship or barriers to access.  Add in the cost and  a new University of Toronto report that claims a universal pharmacare program is at risk due to stalled NAFTA negotiations and this issue is far from settled.

Join Before the Bell on October 4, as we examine this issue and discuss if Dr. Hoskins can really deliver a prescription that works for Canadians.

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