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Welcome to Before the Bell!

Before the Bell is a live program that explores the intersection of issues and public policy.

Before the Bell is broken down into three segments.  In The Pulse, we ask opinions of expert guest pundits on pressing issues and interacts with the audience through polling technology to gain their reactions.  Next in the The Policy segment, newsmakers are invited to the stage to talk about themed issues from their unique perspectives. In between interviews,  the audience to submits questions electronically and vote up questions they want answered. After all guests have been interviewed, they remain on stage for the final segment called The People. Here we engage the newsmakers in discussion by asking the most popular audience generated questions.

Our mission on Before the Bell is to actively engage the public as part of the journalism process. In inviting divergent guests on themed public affairs issues we aim to provoke thought, promote understanding and give our audience diverse perspectives in a compact one-hour time frame.

A guiding principal is to have Before the Bell free and accessible to everyone in Canada. You can attend and participate in person, watch live and participate on Facebook, read our stories on the web site and the Sixth Estate Facebook page, access our digital publication The Review and enjoy it in print as a supplement in Policy Magazine.

Before the Bell believes in being a trusted source of editorial content and sets the standard for audience engagement. To further our commitment to editorial excellence and support our mission, Before the Bell relies on sponsorship to deliver programming and content. To learn more about our dynamic multi-faceted opportunities for your organization, connect with our sponsorship team at the Sixth Estate:

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