Shawn McCarthy

Shawn McCarthy is an Ottawa-based, national business correspondent for The Globe and Mail, covering a global energy beat and part-time instructor in public affairs journalism with Carleton University. He writes on various aspects of the international energy industry, from oil and gas production and refining, to the development of new technologies, to the business implications of climate-change regulations. Recent coverage includes how the energy industry is coping with the climate change challenge; international energy supply and demand; the development of massive shale gas deposits in North America, and the renewable energy technology. Mr. McCarthy took up the role of global energy reporter after a three-year stint as Globe and Mail correspondent in New York City. There, he covered U.S. corporate stories, including the collapse of Enron and Martha Stewart’s insider trading trial, as well as general U.S. news and features. He also covered international political stories at the United Nations, and contributed to The Globe and Mail’s U.S. coverage, including the 2004 presidential election. Prior to his assignment in New York, Mr. McCarthy was The Globe’s parliamentary bureau chief, serving as chief political writer and leading a team of 10 reporters. He joined The Globe in 1997 as a senior writer on government finances and economic policy. Before joining The Globe, he worked at The Toronto Star and Canadian Press as a business reporter, and at the Alberta Report magazine as a senior editor and reporter.

In addition to working with the Globe and Mail, Shawn is also a part time instructor teaching a masters in journalism course on public affairs journalism at Carleton University.

Shawn has a master’s degree in journalism at Carleton University, and a bachelor of arts in English at the University of Alberta.

  • Company:Globe and Mail and Carleton University
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