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With the US midterm elections only weeks away and the stakes rising for incumbents and challengers, the focus on the Millennial vote is intensifying. Driven by their own values and attitudes, these voters are a force unto their own. Will they vote? What factors will guide their decisions? What impact can they have? Will the results in November be a signal for Canadian candidates as we look ahead to our Federal election?

On September 27, Before the Bell will explore these questions and yours during a special evening edition at the Canadian Museum of History in studio and livestreamed on Facebook. Our featured guests include John Della Volpe, Director of Polling at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.  John is considered a global expert on Millennial attitudes and behaviors. Joining John will be Bruce Anderson of Abacus Data. Bruce is one of Canada’s most respected pollsters and a premiere public affairs consultant. Hosting this special evening will be Shawn McCarthy, Ottawa based national correspondent for The Globe and Mail and instructor for a masters of journalism course on public affairs journalism at Carleton University. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the discussion LIVE and to ask your questions directly of our guests. Registration is complimentary but seating is limited so register today to secure your place as we explore history in the making.

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David Coletto

  • CEO Abacus Data, Adjunct Professor, Arthur Kroegen College of Public Affairs