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The iconic lumberjack, so fondly associated with the tradition of Canadian forestry is, in fact, something of yesteryear. Today, we see an increasing number of women now working in the woods and in mills across the country.

Before the Bell Announces Guests on Transportation Infrastructure Show

Before the Bell, with host Catherine Clark, announces its guest lineup for the Transportation Infrastructure show. The show is on February 21 at 8:00 am at the National Arts Centre.

Before the Bell talks Climate Change and the Environment

With some 90 percent of Canadians hopeful that a scientific or technological breakthrough will accelerate progress on the fight against climate change, and 87 percent hopeful about the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, Before the Bell assembled a group of experts to discuss the impact of climate change on Canadians and our economy, and whether our current public policy can sufficiently address those expectations.

OPINION | Chemistry: Essential to Canada’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future

By: Bob Masterson, President and CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada The global chemistry industry has a complex relationship with climate change. Global chemical production accounts for 10 per cent of total energy demand, and seven per cent of GHGs. Yet, chemistry is a key input to 95 per cent of all manufactured

Before the Bell Announces Guests for Climate Change and Environment Show

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Sean Fraser MP (Central Nova) and Elizabeth May MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands) leader of Green Party among guests to the show Before the Bell, with host Catherine Clark, announces its guest lineup for the Climate Change and the Environment show. The show is on January 31 at

Sixth Estate Welcomes Abacus Data as a Foundational Sponsor

Abacus Data joins Before the Bell as a foundational sponsor to provide custom opinion research in lead up to the federal election.

Jan-Feb edition of The Review

The January-February edition of The Review is now available to read online. It is also available in print in the upcoming edition of Policy Magazine.

International Trade: New Sandbox Rules

As the rules and norms around international trade begin shifting with agreements such as the USMCA, Before the Bell spoke with stakeholders and experts to discuss the implications of the agreement for Canadian industries, how they can capitalize on it, and what other future trade opportunities exist for Canadians.

Breaking the Mold: Getting to Zero Plastic Waste

With the recent attention being paid to the issue of single-use plastics and pollution, the federal government has been turning its attention to their reduction and eventual banning. Industry figures say that nearly 80 percent of post-consumer plastics go to landfills, and it is estimated that by 2050, there could be more plastic in the

Artificial Intelligence: Real Implications

The Canadian government has been investing in becoming a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), including $125 million in a national strategy as well as an AI component of the Innovation Superclusters Initiative. The growth of AI raises questions around public policy, ethics, and implementation, and Before the Bell hosted experts and stakeholders to discuss those issues.