Posts By: Dale Smith

Each for Equal

The “Each for Equal” theme of this year’s International Women’s Day calls on everyone to help forge a gender equal world, because an equal world is an enabled world, on the principle that equality is not just a women’s issue, but a business issue. Before the Bell hosted a panel of women to discuss the barriers that they face in politics and the workforce, and what they can do to break them down.

A New Age of Digital Government

The prime minister has recently appointed Canada’s first minister of digital government, which raises questions about what this means for simplification of government services, privacy and security, and for business interaction with government. Sixth Estate’s Before the Bell assembled a panel of stakeholders and experts, along with minister Joyce Murray, to discuss these questions.

Climate Change and Our Planet

With an Abacus Data survey showing that 33 percent of Canadians worry about climate change every day and the federal government having set a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, Before the Bell assembled a panel of stakeholders and experts to discuss the challenges associated with combatting climate change in Canada.

The Cloud Around Vaping

Health Canada has recently undertaken new measures to restrict advertising of vaping products with the goal of curbing usage among young people, as fears of serious illness related to vaping surface in the public sphere. The Sixth Estate’s Spotlight assembled a panel of experts and stakeholders to delve into the issues that surround vaping.

Canada’s Innovation Path Forward

At the start of a new Parliament, where it remains to be seen whether the government will continue its focus on innovation, Before the Bell brought together a panel of experts and stakeholders to discuss the future of Canadian innovation initiatives.

If I Were Minister of Health: Best Advice for Addressing Substance Use and Addiction

As part of the Sixth Estate’s Spotlight series, in conjunction with the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA)’s 2019 conference, a panel of public health, enforcement, youth and Indigenous experts and stakeholders gave their top recommendations for the new minister of health on how best to address substance use and addiction.

What do you need to know about new cannabis products?

With cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals legal as of Oct. 17, Sixth Estate’s Spotlight series joined the Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction to discuss with experts and stakeholders the new product classes, health risks, and lower risk use of the products, as well as the importance of public education and best ways to reach out to youth.

What’s Next for Pharmacare?

As pharmacare was a major election issue, and the re-elected Liberal government has promised to implement a national pharmacare program in accordance with the Hoskins report, Before the Bell assembled a panel of experts and stakeholders to discuss what options the government may be exploring.

Small Business & Trade: Cornering the World

With 41 percent of Canadian exports being shipped by small and medium-sized enterprises, and our three largest trading partners — the United States, China and the United Kingdom —undergoing some level of turmoil, the third season of Before the Bell kicked off with a panel of experts and stakeholders to look at the issues that Canadian small businesses face as they seek to expand into global markets.

Public Education on the New Cannabis Products

As cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals are being legalized, Sixth Estate’s Spotlight hosted a panel of experts to discuss the new risks and regulatory challenges separate from the existing cannabis market, and the public education initiatives underway in the country when it comes to these products.