Before the Bell

Each for Equal

The “Each for Equal” theme of this year’s International Women’s Day calls on everyone to help forge a gender equal world, because an equal world is an enabled world, on the principle that equality is not just a women’s issue, but a business issue. Before the Bell hosted a panel of women to discuss the barriers that they face in politics and the workforce, and what they can do to break them down.

OPINION |Women’s representation on boards: understanding the path to leadership

When it comes to equality there is a path to leadership. Dr. Maria Giammarco and Dr. Susan Black of The Conference Board of Canada show how.

Minister Monsef headlines a Superhero All-Star Lineup Smashing the Glass Ceiling on Before the Bell|Each for Equal

On March 12, The Hon. Maryam Monsef headlines an all star lineup on Before the Bell live from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

A New Age of Digital Government

The prime minister has recently appointed Canada’s first minister of digital government, which raises questions about what this means for simplification of government services, privacy and security, and for business interaction with government. Sixth Estate’s Before the Bell assembled a panel of stakeholders and experts, along with minister Joyce Murray, to discuss these questions.

The Honourable Joyce Murray MP Headlines Before the Bell on A New Age of Digital Government

The Honourable Joyce Murray MP, Canada’s new minister of digital government joins, Before the Bell next Thursday, February 20th live from the National Arts Centre to discuss this new role and what digital government will look like for Canadians. Additionally, Before the Bell has invited leading thought leaders to discuss the implications for Canadians and the related

Climate Change and Our Planet

With an Abacus Data survey showing that 33 percent of Canadians worry about climate change every day and the federal government having set a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, Before the Bell assembled a panel of stakeholders and experts to discuss the challenges associated with combatting climate change in Canada.

OPINION | How “clean” is your electric car? Depends on where you drive.

In advance of tomorrow’s Before the Bell with Minister Wilkinson, Cara Clairman president and CED of Plug’n Drive and John Gorman president and CEO with the Canadian Nuclear Association weigh in on how best to reduce emissions to power the grid for electric vehicles.

The Cloud Around Vaping

Health Canada has recently undertaken new measures to restrict advertising of vaping products with the goal of curbing usage among young people, as fears of serious illness related to vaping surface in the public sphere. The Sixth Estate’s Spotlight assembled a panel of experts and stakeholders to delve into the issues that surround vaping.

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson MP Headlines Before The Bell Show on Climate Change

The Honourable Johnathon Wilkinson MP, minister of environment and climate change joins Before the Bell next Tuesday, January 28th to discuss Canada’s options to meet and surpass both the 2030 and 2050 greenhouse gas emissions targets and issues impacting the environment. Other guests appearing on Before the Bell to discuss these important issues include:  Craig Stewart vice president

Sixth Estate Announces Guest Lineup for Wednesday’s Show on Vaping

The Sixth Estate is pleased to announce the guest lineup for this Wednesday’s spotlight on vaping. Host David Akin’s guests appearing on this Sixth Estate spotlight include: Dr. Amy Porath director of research, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, Eric Gagnon, head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Imperial Tobacco Canada, Sherwin Edwards president of VapSelect Inc., Marino Francispillai program manager, school and community mental health