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Energy and the Environment: Will Bill C-69 make a difference?

  By Dale Smith   The Trudeau government’s centrepiece environmental legislation — Bill C-69, the Impact Assessment Act — is currently undergoing debate. But as the government proceeds with its pitch that being strong on the economy and strong on the environment go together, are business and environmental groups actually sold on the policy? Anna

OPINION | Mind the Gap – how far off is Canada from Paris Agreement goals?

On March 27th, Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development, Julie Gelfand, issued an historic report. It was the process more than the subject matter that made it historic. For the first time ever, the federal Auditor General working with provincial and territorial auditor generals, turned their attention to a single issue and prepared a coordinated

Cannabis: The Final Countdown

On Thursday morning Before the Bell sat down with industry and stakeholders to debate whether Canada was ready for recreational cannabis, which is set to be legalized sometime in the summer. Many challenges remain for the government, including a lack of research on impairment levels, regulations around home-growth, infrastructure in rural and remote communities, and a public education campaign. Nevertheless, the business community is ready to step up, both producers who are hiring hundreds of Canadians to meet their needs and private security companies who see the need to protect the cannabis value chain.

OPINION | 100 Days to Cannabis Regulation: Are we ready to Guide the Conversation with Young Canadians on Cannabis?

In approximately 100 days, Canada will legalize, regulate and restrict access to non-medical cannabis use. This transformation in our drug policy will require an intense educational campaign to inform Canadians, particularly young people, about the effects of cannabis use. After alcohol, cannabis is one of the most frequently used substances among Canadian youth, with 20.6%

Pushing Forward for Women in Business

Given the focus on women’s rights over the past year across multiple socioeconomic spheres from sexual harassment to pay equity to political engagement, it was no surprise the Before the Bell event marking International Women’s Day on March 8 was sold out. The panel, comprised of respected Canadian policy, political and business voices, discussed with

Inaugural Issue of The Review Available Now

  Sixth Estate published its inaugural edition of The Review today and has made it available free for download from the Sixth Estate web site. The Review will be published six times a year and features insight and opinions on the topics that Before the Bell examines in its live journalism shows. This edition looks

OPINION | Small business wish list for Budget 2018

Contributed to the Sixth Estate. Another year, another budget slated for February 27th – the third for Minister Morneau. Given the recent proposed tax changes, it is also arguably one that is dreaded by many small business owners that are worried about what it might contain.   Despite some who believe the small business community has

OPINION | There’s room for everyone in a better federal budget

Contributed to the Sixth Estate. Canada draws great strength from its diversity—of peoples, cultures, identities and regions.

But just as our diverse communities make unique contributions to society and the economy, they also face distinct challenges—challenges that deserve meaningful policy solutions backed up by real investment. Across Canada, farmers struggle with uncertain markets and high debt

Progress report on health

At a Before the Bell session on Tuesday morning in Ottawa, a panel of stakeholders discussed the Trudeau government’s record on healthcare. A second panel of stakeholders spoke about challenges facing their sectors, and how they reflect the different aspects of the government’s priorities going forward.

OPINION | Sunny ways to better healthcare: Taking the pulse on medicare

Contributed to the Sixth Estate The good news for Canadian Medicare enthusiasts is that Ottawa now has a pulse! Following more than a decade of disentanglement or laissez faire federal health policies, we have a federal government and have had a Minster for Health that cares about Medicare. The federal government has committed to a