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Renewing emphasis on health systems integration

While health care systems across Canada are testing innovations to improve care and save costs, they have a hard time getting widespread adoption across the country. Before the Bell spoke with a panel of experts and stakeholders to discuss what where some of the problems with adoption lie, and why it can be so difficult for good ideas to spread throughout the system.

Greater transparency required to protect privacy in the digital age

With a renewed focus on digital privacy in the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Before the Bell talked to experts and stakeholders about privacy and security in the digital age. They discussed where Canadians stand on these issues, both from a legal perspective and a cultural one, and the degree to which citizens’ perceptions of their own privacy have not kept pace with the ways in which that privacy is being violated, commoditized and redefined.

OPINION | What will it take to leap forward and re-design health systems in Canada?

Years of the health systems transformation conversation have led to one resounding conclusion: pretty much everyone agrees things need to change. And we even agree on some changes we need to improve patient experience, population health and work life of health-care providers while containing costs. So why don’t we to make the significant leaps forward

OPINION | Reconciliation: a path forward for better Indigenous health

Indigenous peoples are highly diverse populations whose health is affected by all the same kinds of determinants as other people in Canada. But in addition, a complex history of colonialism and racism has had a substantial and ongoing impact on the types and rates of injuries and illnesses in these communities as well as access

Medicine Wheel Not Medical Approach Required For Indigenous Health: Minister

On Tuesday, Before the Bell looked at the issue of Indigenous health and how the focus needs to shift from simply adding more money to the system to giving local Indigenous communities more control over their governance, and toward building resilience in communities by strengthening their connections to their culture and language.

Upping the ante for Canadian cleantech companies

  Innovative Canadian clean technology firms have the potential to not only advance Canada’s sustainable economy, but also to drive clean growth across the globe. Despite Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs being best in class, they continue to face difficulties scaling their business. With its mandate to support these companies announced in Budget 2017, BDC is poised

Nurturing Canada’s growing cleantech future

On Tuesday morning, Before the Bell hosted stakeholders invested in the government’s cleantech policy who discussed the pressures driving growth in the sector, as well as the challenges innovators face as they transition from start-ups to exporters while still remaining viable and profitable businesses within Canada.

OPINION | Canada’s Clean Tech Future Needs Chemistry Industry Solutions

Canadians and policy makers are seeking to transition to the low-carbon economy and address the challenges of climate change. Canada’s chemistry sector and its highly skilled workers are uniquely positioned to deliver the solutions.

OPINION | Setting bold ambitious targets to support women entrepreneurs

By Laura Didyk, BDC National Sponsor for Women Entrepreneurs and Vice President, Alberta South We all know the statistics on women entrepreneurs … Majority women-owned businesses represent only 16% of SMEs in Canada. Not only do we need more of them, but we also need to better support existing women entrepreneurs. Our economy and our

Kinder Morgan in the crosshairs

  By Dale Smith   With the drama ramping up between British Columbia and First Nations on one side and Alberta and Ottawa on the other over Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, a Before the Bellpanel looked into what’s at stake, both in the immediate impasse and in the longer term. Rick Anderson,