Petra Schulz

Petra Schulz lost her 25-year-old son, Danny, to accidental fentanyl poisoning in 2014. She is one of the co-founders of Moms Stop the Harm, an 800-member network of Canadian families whose loved ones died from drug related harms or who have struggled with substance use.

Petra serves on Alberta’s Opioid Emergency Response Commission and is a research partner on a project that explores mother’s advocacy. She has been a speaker for TedX at MacEwan University, at conferences, community meetings and professional organizations, and to universities and all levels of government. She contributed to the TelusHealth documentary “Painkiller, Inside the Opioid Crisis,” the Crackdown Podcast, “Blame,” and the anti-stigma campaign, “See-Beyond.”

Through the lessons learned from her personal experience and by sharing Danny’s story, Petra has become an advocate for drug policy reform aimed at reducing the harm associated with substance use. She is firm in her belief that substance use is a matter involving human rights and health and not a criminal activity.

  • Company:Co-founder Moms Stop the Harm
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