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Capitalism with a Cause: Rising Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

by Dale Smith There is a growing trend toward creating small businesses that make a positive difference in the communities that they serve. Social entrepreneurship has been defined as the use of companies to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues in a way that often blends for-profit goals with a

Cannabis in Canada

By Dale Smith Whether or not you’re suddenly consuming marijuana as of one second past midnight on October 17th, the legalization of weed in Canada will affect your life. On the eve of cannabis legalization, Sixth Estate’s Spotlight series discussed the ramifications of the change, and what Canadians should realistically expect and prepare for. Host Catherine

Universal Pharmacare: Prescribing a Solution

By Dale Smith A 2015 poll shows that 91 percent of Canadians support implementing a universal pharmacare program, which is likely to make this a topic that will be grabbing attention during next year’s federal election. Before the Bellhosted a panel of experts to discuss the options currently under discussion, the costs involved, and the

Accelerating Cleantech in Canada

By Dale Smith To many Canadians, cleantech may sound like an abstract, catch-all term used to describe any innovation aimed at the green market. In fact, it is an industrial transformation that includes any process, product or service that reduces negative environmental impacts. According to a 2016 report by Analytica Advisors, the global market for

Millennials & US Midterms: Passionate, But Are They Predictable?

by Dale Smith – Sixth Estate As with all elections these days, the looming November 6thU.S. midterms have refreshed the conversation on how to mobilize millennial voters, who have their own values and attitudes. Before the Bellhosted a panel September 27thon the factors that guide millennials’ decisions, and what signals they might be sending for

OPINION | Getting it right on Pharmacare

By Pamela Fralick, President, Innovative Medicines Canada It has often been cited that Canada is the only major western country with a national Medicare system that does not include some version of a national public drug plan. Last year, more than 620 million prescriptions were filled by Canadians. Pharmaceuticals are the most frequently used therapeutic

Media Today: Medium or the Message

by Dale Smith Sixth Estate With the next Canadian federal election little more than a year away and the campaign for November’s midterms in the United States providing lessons for Canadian media on what to expect in a changing news landscape, Before the Belllaunched its new season with the panel Media Today: Medium or the