Stephen Hazell M.Sc. LL.B.

Stephen Hazell is director of conservation and general counsel with Nature Canada and adjunct professor of environmental law at University of Ottawa. Stephen has served as executive director of Sierra Club Canada and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and began his career as legal counsel to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, where he initiated the precedent-setting law suits against the proposed Rafferty-Alameda dams in southern Saskatchewan.

Stephen co-chaired a joint industry-environmental group initiative that successfully brought the Harper federal government and provincial governments together to produce a Canada-wide regulatory framework to reduce smog emissions. In the late 1980s, he led a coalition of 40 Canadian environmental and indigenous organizations that developed Greenprint for Canada, a comprehensive set of recommendations that led to the Mulroney government’s $3 billion Green Plan.

He also led interventions by nature and environmental groups in environmental assessment hearings for numerous development projects including several oil sands mine projects, Energy East, Kinder-Morgan, the Mackenzie Gas Project, the Great Whale hydroelectric project, the Kiggavik uranium mine, and the White’s Point basalt quarry.

Stephen also led the team at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency that developed the key regulations for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Stephen holds a Master of Science degree in Plant Ecology from the University of Toronto and a Law degree from Queen’s University.

  • Company:Director of Conservation and General Counsel, Nature Canada
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