Stephanie Karlovits

Stephanie Karlovits is a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and human potential nerd.  She is the Founder and CEO of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle which is a full-service health facility which boasts top quality functional personal training, group fitness, alternative health care clinic offerings and a smoothie bar.

Stephanie Karlovits is the creator of #theEPIClife which is the foundational teachings that EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle promotes. She believes that it’s not about the 10lbs lost or the Olympic gold medal that we want, it’s about living an EPIC life.

Stephanie has high hopes for EPIC in the coming years looking to expand the brand and impact more lives through its teachings and new charity initiative called #EPICKids. In her spare time Stephanie loves the outdoors specifically hiking.  She climbs mountains all over the world like Mount Kilimanjaro and the Inca Trail with a goal of 10 summits in the next few years.


  • Company:Founder and CEO, EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle
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