Marc Brazeau

Marc Brazeau is the President & CEO of The Railway Association of Canada (RAC), one of Canada’s leading trade associations, representing more than 50 freight and passenger railway companies. Marc brings close to 30 years of experience in the transportation industry to his leadership role with the RAC.

Prior to joining the RAC, Marc was the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Uni-Select where he brought significant growth to this North American auto parts distributor. Previously, Marc served as the President and CEO of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada where he was responsible for delivering a number of important industry initiative and programs aimed at growing the automotive service and repair industry in Canada for 20 consecutive years.

As a natural leader, Marc has successfully led a number of strategic initiatives for national trade associations as well as overseeing the growth of a leading publicly traded auto parts company in Canada.

Marc is a graduate in Public Relations from Humber College and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) Degree from the University of Ottawa.

  • Company:President & CEO, The Railway Association of Canada
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