Amy Karam

Amy Karam is a speaker, global and competitive strategy consultant, and the author of The CHINA FACTOR: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy. She is also a corporate instructor of Stanford and Duke University courses, as well as her own workshops and a trusted authority on globalization, innovation, competitive strategy and the shifting power dynamics in international business, given the rising strength of China and other emerging nations.

Her company, Karam Consulting, equips companies and governments with insights and strategies to successfully navigate these new international trade dynamics and guides start-up businesses to Fortune 500 corporations in creating focused, innovative, global expansion strategies.

With over 15 years in Silicon Valley, and her extensive international business experience, Amy has worked with leading companies such as Apple, Cisco, Visa, Nationwide, CapitalOne, Bell and with over 50 countries in emerging and developed markets.

Amy has been published in magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Hill Times and China’s Business Tianjin; has been interviewed by Yahoo Finance, Google, CTV News; and has spoken at companies and conferences around the world.

She has an International MBA and a Bachelor of Administration, having studied at the University of Ottawa and at McGill University. She also completed the Innovation for Economic Development Program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Company:Global Competitive Strategist, Karam Consulting
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