Leroy Lowe

Leroy Lowe, MBA, PhD, CITP is a full-time faculty member in International Business at the Nova Scotia Community College and an active international business development consultant who has helped many small-to-medium sized companies across a wide range of sectors (with all aspects of exporting) over the past two decades.  He began his career as a former Aerospace Engineering Officer and Project Manager in the Canadian Airforce and subsequently worked for Sparton of Canada as Director of Business Development where he recruited and managed a diverse network of agents, distributors and strategic alliance partners in over 20 countries.   As leading trade trainer, he has given a wide range of export-related workshops to companies, government, and World Trade Center staff in Canada, The USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South East Asia.  He is now also the Vice-President of the North American Small Business International Trade Educators Association, and the President of Getting to Know Cancer and Neuroqualia (two NGO’s that are leading scientists in 31 countries to help solve a number of important challenges in cancer and neuroscience).   Dr Lowe holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Diploma in Engineering, a Masters Degree in Adult Education, an MBA, and a PhD Biological Sciences.

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