Dr. Seema Nagpal

Dr. Seema Nagpal is the Vice President, Science and Policy at Diabetes Canada. Since joining in 2013, she has provided leadership and strategic guidance to the organization’s public policy initiatives. As Vice President she also guides the research funding program, health provider education and contributes  to patient engagement and support initiatives.

Promoting the health of people and communities has been the central tenet of Seema’s career. Seema began as a hospital pharmacist with a BSc. Pharmacy from Dalhousie University. She then pursued a Masters of Community Health and Epidemiology, Seema finished her formal training with a PhD in Population Health at the University of Ottawa.

After working within the health system for several years, Seema joined Health Canada to begin the development of a cardiovascular disease surveillance system. She then moved to the Canadian Medical Association where she led project development, engaged with patient groups, medical organizations and ministries to promote public health solutions. Seema led coalitions to work toward common goals notably to improve the support for people with mental illness and improving the public health systems . From 2011 to 2013 she worked the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health to lead a newly established team, and the environmental scanning service.

At Diabetes Canada, Seema continues to focus on both the generation of new scientific knowledge as well as its application to policy, practice and systems change.


  • Company:Vice President Science & Policy, Diabetes Canada
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